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How long are the personal fitness training sessions?

On average, personal fitness training sessions can last from 20-30 minutes to 1.5 hours, 1-5 days per week. Frequency and duration of all personal fitness training sessions are determined once a fitness professional from SydFit visits a potential client to conduct a needs assessment. At that time, the fitness professional will provide recommendations and will determine, along with the client (and, if needed, a member(s) of client’s family) session duration and frequency.

How much does personal fitness training cost?

Cost is dependent upon session duration, frequency and client needs. Multi-session discounts may apply. Also, if one or more additional persons are added to the session(s), special rates apply. SydFit’s objective is to work with older adults and others in need of fitness training on programs that best suit their individual needs and situations. Please note that while SydFit does not work under the Medicare or Medicaid programs, there may be instances where individuals can be reimbursed for sessions as determined by their health care providers.

How long are the group fitness classes?

Group fitness classes can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the needs of the facility, residents and/or members. SydFit can accommodate a variety of possibilities, as requested.

Are SydFit trainers certified?

All SydFit personal and group fitness trainers are independent contractors and are required to be CPR/First Aid certified and insured and must hold either a fitness certification(s) through a recognized fitness organization(s) and/or hold a college degree in the health/fitness field. The trainer may also have extensive experience in the health and/or fitness industry.

What is the best attire to wear to group or individual fitness training sessions?

Ideally, participants should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that allows freedom of movement. It is also good to “layer” with a light jacket or shirt to accommodate varying temperatures. Comfortable, supportive shoes should be worn, such as gym shoes or other soft, supporting footwear.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Just call SydFit (Sydney Zaremba) at 586-381-8880, or email to set up an appointment to determine what your individual needs are and you’re ready to begin.

Do you always come to the client or group, or do you have a location or building where you conduct classes?

We always come to you as we do not have a storefront location. SydFit, L.L.C. is strictly a team of Mobile Fitness Professionals.

Does a Senior Living facility or other location need to have equipment for classes?

Generally, yes. While we can bring small equipment for personal training into the home, as needed, it is often too difficult to transport items such as weights and/or stability balls (Drums Alive!) for groups. Strength training class can be done without weights, but SydFit can assist a facility with their needs, once classes are selected. Generally, no more is needed than some 1lb, 2lb (most used in Senior Living) and a few sets of 3lb weights will do. SydFit will usually bring stretch bands, as needed. Again, SydFit can help you assess needs for your particular location for anything specific.

Is there any kind of cancellation fee for classes or personal training sessions?

SydFit does understand that illness and emergencies can occur. However, if last minute occurrences become frequent, a fee of half the rate of the session will be charged. For facilities, occurrences are generally infrequent and SydFit will try to accommodate an alternate day/date, as needed. For personal training, alternate sessions can also be worked out with the trainer, though should be done ahead of time when it comes to appointments, etc.

Will my doctor need to fill anything out before I can begin personal training?

At the assessment visit, the SydFit professional will go over this with you. We do have a Medical Release form that we ask clients to have their doctor sign stating they are ‘fit to exercise’. We outline a basic program on the form so the doctor understands it is usually all low impact training. This form does not always need to be done to begin fitness sessions, but the SydFit professional will advise on this at the appointment. Most medical professionals are in favor of our programs and encourage some form of exercise for their patients.

Do you only service the Lake Orion area?

No. SydFit conducts classes and training as far away as Ann Arbor, Plymouth, Livonia, West Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Grosse Pointe area, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, Romeo and in many other cities in the Metro area and adjacent to the locations listed above. Please be sure to check with us if you’re not sure. We try to accommodate whenever we can and we are growing our team!