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Personal Training

Training can be performed in the privacy and comfort of your own home. No need to worry about transportation.

SydFit provides in-home, personal training for adults who enjoy one-on-one or small group fitness sessions in the privacy of their own residence. Clients are encouraged to participate in the process of establishing goals and action plans that accommodate individual lifestyle and fitness levels. Certified fitness professionals work with clients to design wellness-oriented custom programs that assist older adults in maintaining or improving overall mobility and conditioning. Instructors may bring or recommend small equipment items as needed for sessions, but home equipment is not necessary.

SydFit’s “Fitness for All” concept works well for clients who are active and interested in learning new fitness concepts that support an already active lifestyle; or is an ideal fit for those who have chronic illnesses; or are recovering from surgery and have exhausted physical therapy coverage through Medicare or other medical plans and desire low impact conditioning and fitness training to stay mobile.
Clients are advised to check with their medical professional(s) prior to meeting with SydFit professional trainers.